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List of Standard Contracts

The List of Standard Contracts provided by the Agency offers clear access to information, whilst serving as an insightful guidance on the standard reporting form, by displaying the characteristics of each contract type for which the standard reporting form is applicable. It is merely for informational purposes and has notably no intention to assign unique identifiers to the contracts listed, nor will the information collected be used for matching against the transaction reports.

In order to comply with the transaction reporting requirements, the organised market places should verify that the standard contracts listed actually reflect the existent transaction reports reported to the Agency. Please pay special attention to TRUM ANNEX VI – Additional information on how to correctly report the Delivery point or Zone. With a view to put forth a consistent and updated version of the List of Standard Contracts, the Agency urges organised market places to promptly submit new/updated information regarding standard contracts to using the Excel template provided below.

The list of standard contracts is available here.

List of Standard Contracts Template

List of Standard Contracts Guidance

For guidance refer to TRUM - Transaction Reporting Manual and TRUM ANNEX VI.

For detailed information see Article 3(2) of the REMIT Implementing Regulation.


Contract Name Delivery zone Energy commodity type Contract Type Load Type OMP ID OMP ID type OMP Name Type of OMP Comments