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If you would like to submit a query to the Agency about:

  • REMIT transaction reporting
  • List of Organised Market Places
  • List of Standard Contracts

please use the online REMIT Query Form.

If the online REMIT query form is unavailable due to technical problems, 
please download the REMIT Query Form available here and follow the
instructions provided in the form.

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Notification Platform

Market Participants are obliged to notify the Agency and the relevant National Regulatory Authority (NRA) when applying certain exemptions (Article 3(4)(b) and 4(2)) of REMIT, and should use the Notification platform application to fulfil their notification obligations on:

  • Delayed disclosure of inside information
  • Coverage of an immediate physical loss resulting from unplanned outages

Further, any person professionally arranging transactions in wholesale energy products who reasonably suspects that a transaction might breach REMIT, shall notify the NRA without further delay (Article 15 of REMIT).

As a service for NRAs, ACER has established the Notification Platform for the notification of suspicious transaction reports from persons professionally arranging transactions in order to enable them to fulfil their notification obligation. At the same time it allows NRAs to fulfil their notification obligation to the Agency (Article 16(2) of REMIT).

In order to notify suspicious transactions use the Notification platform.

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